Visit Jackson Celebrates Pride, Diversity in JXN

YouTubers Terrell and Jarius, who visited Jackson in 2019 for a family vacation. Image: Terrell and Jarius

June is Pride Month and, in Jackson, the City With Soul, we recognize this opportunity to celebrate our “soul” – your soul – rooted in a commitment to inclusion.

Our organization, Visit Jackson, is fiercely committed to reflecting and upholding the value of diversity of thought, culture, and lifestyles inherent in the Jackson community.

We are dedicated to practicing radical inclusion and believe that a plurality of ideas and experiences shaped around civil dialogue and equitable outreach is the driving and consistent force that makes Jackson a great destination and a great city.

That means celebrating all people – including gender, ethnicity and race, sexual orientation and identification, military veterans, the disabled community, age, and schools of thought.

The varied backgrounds and experiences of Jacksonians represent our collective strength and creative energy.

Visitors from across the world and our neighbors in our backyard can feel our city’s unique hospitality, combined with the embrace of diversity that is distinctly Jackson.

We are also working alongside our attraction, event, lodging, and restaurant partners to further educate and encourage inclusion in both attitude and practice.

Though we still have room for growth, Visit Jackson is proud of the strides that our city has made, and we will remain a fierce promoter of diversity and inclusion.